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    What we value

    Do you have what it takes? Can you speak 50 languages while doing somersaults? Though these requirements are still being used by many companies, to us they are obsolete.

    At Edaetech, we value openness, willingness and productivity.

    We have clear goals, so we value SMART work methods. We have an innovation and investigation culture that requires a disposition for progress and transformation… but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a practical person, on the contrary. Besides, we value human people, who recognize the extreme importance of good communications.

    What about you, what do you value?

    What we offer

    Our mission is to contribute to the professional and personal development of each one of us. So, we’ll guide you closely and accompany your career; we focus on continuous training and work-study flexibility. If you want to evolve, we stand with you.

    We aim to be open and to embrace the responsibility we have towards our community and society in general. We offer a positive and interesting workplace. After all, we are not machines. We are the people. Do read our blog and find out all about the activities we host here at Edaetech.


    Know all about the activities and partnerships that Edaetech takes part in.

    Sponsorship of globally recognized student competitions

    We support the Engineers of the future, who put to the test their technical skills in these world-known competitions.

    Solar Boat

    University-level project for students of Instituto Superior Técnico(higher technical institute) who collaborate in the advanced development of solar powered boats destined to participate in international engineering competitions.

    Formula Student

    University-level international competition, in which students design, develop and build an innovative prototype for a single-seat Formula one car, which goes through different tests.

    Internships and professional school training

    We accept internship projects from various fields: Engineering, Quality and Metrology, Innovation and Production. Many of our collaborators came from these programs and people stay working at Edaetech for long stretches of time, usually around eight years.

    Partnerships with universities for innovation projects

    The best universities in the fields of  Mechanics and Materials Science work with us to create opportunities to collaborate in international innovation projects.

    Continuous training

    We invest continuously in the growth of our collaborators — whether it’s internally or externally, with the best training institutions. We believe that talent isn’t innate, but acquired.

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