A new dawn for Edaetech

We are extremely pleased to present to you our new identity, or a better, more evolved version of it — the result of a rebranding process that Edaetech has recently undertaken. Read all about what motivated us to pursue a redesign of our corporate image, and what it was like.


At Edaetech, we have a policy for transparency. Every business has its highs and lows, and so we don’t mind saying that our morale wasn’t particularly high as Edaetech faced a time of uncertainty and turbulence in its management. In the end, we realized that our brand positioning (or how our brand was perceived) was somewhat obscured.

The looks of our brand now belonged to a more industrial, hefty period of the metal-mechanics industry.

The truth is that times change, and so must businesses, in response to new demands and new working methods. Our mission, our target audience and our goals shifted. What we also realized was that some of our established values weren’t being communicated properly — for instance, our Research & Development department, our innovation culture, our high-tech engineering and our human side weren’t getting through.

Edaetech sought out the help of a Marketing and Communications agency, Uppa Studio, who took the time to visit and meet everyone. We wanted this Rebranding to be inclusive, so that our employees could take part and give ideas. We even held a vote so as to rename our business meeting rooms.

The folks at Uppa Studio were observant and detailed. Before they started redesigning our brand, they took into account our needs and goals, and presented solutions that would help us communicate with our clients and partners.

In general, the Rebranding would include a new graphic identity, complete with a fresh logo and tone of voice, a new website and all the remaining elements such as stationary, props and a totem sign for our company.

It wasn’t long until they came back with a proposal that pleased us immensely. There wasn’t a complete break with the past, but a positive evolution illustrated by the new logo.

The former logo was quite stiff and harsh, in a darker shade of blue. Now, the lines were softened in a digital way and its blue was electric and European.



This came with its own color pallet, a font package and iconography for our website. It was all thought out to a technical degree in order to fit in with offline and online communication. These elements would be used in business cards, merchandising, email signatures…

However, it’s not all about how you look: every brand needs a strong concept to support it and a Tone of Voice in which to communicate. A popular brand marketing strategy used some of Carl Jung’s brand archetypes that corresponded to what Edaetech was and what it wanted to be. Just like Rolex is the Ruler, Apple is the Creator and Jeep is the Explorer, Edaetech was going to be a Hero, a Creator and an Everyman. We are on a quest to answer to our clients’ request, we tinker with innovative solutions, but we see ourselves as people just like you.

Our new Tone of Voice is as follows:

Profissional, but humane;

Industrial, mas sophisticated;

Clear and concise, but positive;

Moderately inspirational.


From this point, a brand manifesto was written (read it here) and we were given a new tagline and also a new motto for our internal team.

  • Your leading light, as a tagline, spins the phrase guiding light in order to transmit leadership, technological avant-garde, as the light of knowledge is part of research and innovation. A leading light is also a nautical term used for two lighthouses signaling a safe passage for ships — safety and security are two of Edaetech’s core values;
  • We stand at the axis of vision and wisdom is the motto for our team, at the level of internal communication. A motto helps workers unite and know where they come from and where they are going. This one combines Edaetech’s past(wisdom) with its future(vision), and sounds familiar with some engineering terms such as axis.


At this point, we were quite ready for a new website, which Uppa Studio also developed.

This online home was equipped with a modern, leading-edge technology experience for users from Portugal or any other place in the world: it had to feel international. It branched out our skills and what embodied our value proposition, just as it featured a portfolio and other pages full of relevant information and tools to communicate with clients and partners.

At last, the place where we work everyday got some well-deserved tender loving care. The outside areas were given a revamp, including the garden. We built our own totem sign in-house. The result was a combination of towering, creative and modern.















The final details allowed us to introduce our new identity into our social media, in order to keep every single one of our communication channels up and running in a coherent style. Do visit our Facebook and our Linkedin pages to see what we’re up to and, most of all, to tell us what you think of our Rebranding process.

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Soraia Pedrosa
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