Técnico Lisboa – Mecanist

Técnico Lisboa – Mecanist

Edaetech was once again sponsored the annual event of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) for Master degree students of Mechanical Engineering.

IST is an Engineering faculty with over 110 years of existence and the largest Engineering and Technology school in Portugal. It ranks as one of the best Engineering schools in Europe. It was a great opportunity to connect with the brightest future Mechanical Engineers as they will be the future of our business.

Edaetech is also honored to have shared its participation with other partners and clients of the automotive sectors. Our roundtable topic was about challenging the students to think big in the early stages of their careers, meaning, to have challenged them to put forward business ideas and to become intrapreneurs.

The intrapreneur mindset is about bringing forward innovative ideas to evolve businesses, especially with ever changing market dynamics. The solutions to adapt businesses and to prepare them for the future must come from within companies and in our case we have provided examples of the technology changes that continue to change the automotive sector.


Técnico de Lisboa - Mecanist

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